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Dissidia Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XIII

Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Kingdom Hearts

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Odin Sphere


Persona 3

Persona 4


Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Saiunkoku Monogatari

Soukyuu no Fafner

Soul Eater

Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto

The World Ends With You


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Soymilk September
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Part 2

Dec. 20th, 2011 06:48 pm
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Hello to part two. This actually has the lengthy discussion of characters and character development. This will not cover every character shown. Bear with me, please.
Part One

and Nami rambles on )
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So… Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. After the second trailer, I found myself drawing about twenty-some pages worth of doujinshi, full of speculation and ponderings that sent me into fits and bouts of giddiness that were seriously fits: nausea, fever and the like. Now that the full trailer and a release date has been announced and I feel feverish, ill and like I want to blow my lunch and last night’s dinner, I shall put in my thoughts and speculah in one place before I go nuts and make another doujin in three months.

For the record, some of the things I guessed about came true. As for what bits those were… buy my doujin. B<

So we have Nami’s KH3D Analysis. Spoilers for all of KH exists, as well as TWEWY.
Let's begin... )

Part 2
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It's... been a while, so I thought I should just post something here before the journal dies. *lol*

First of all firsts, I finished my schooling (yay!) which I might have talked about a while back but might have forgotten. But tensions were rising at home because 1) I was starting to bum around and 2) because me and my parents at any prolonged period of time together is just like... no. (lol) So with a lot of tears of frustration, boredom and headbanging on the walls due to sheer proximity (we love each other, we really, really do. it's just. arghhhh.)


I have my first job. Which is like, awesome. It involves a lot of writing, more headdesking, but at least I'm not cooped up at home or sweltering in the summer heat. It does, however, kill my weekday life (which... is like, bumming.) It's difficult to tag (I've returned to [ profile] soul_campaign) unless it's the weekend, since I just end up crashing at home. It takes around 9-12 hours per day. Drawing is generally limited until I get home or it's the weekend - but digital is kinda out.

I have, however, become more prolific at traditional art (found at my dA) but I've also branched out a little into doing song covers. It's frustratingly moe, but I'd like to think I might be okay at it. Meru's been supplying me with the artwork, though, in return for all the ear bleeding lulz recordings.

What else. Um. Recently, I've been watching Tiger & Bunny, Ao no Exorcist aaaand... Pokemon: Best Wishes (don't hurt me.) Lol. I think Tiger & Bunny is hilarious, Ao no Exorcist has really, really sexy music and animation and BW is interesting. It's surprisingly fun to watch, despite the inconsistencies, but mostly because OMG PRODUCTION VALUES. I think it's a nice break from the last two, three seasons filled with Panty and Stocking Madoka Star Driver uh.

Been playing Okamiden, though I'm taking FOREVER with it. But I really really think that it's cute, with rounded characters and stays true to the original. I wonder how the ending goes...
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Illust!Reviewing is actually pretty interesting. I've done it before, but I think I'll switch to that method instead. -lol- It's... pretty fun. And actually conveying my messages through illustration is actually more challenging - and more fun - than typing down words.

Or incoherence. I find that most of my responses are incoherent in the first read-through. -lol- The second read-through response is a little more... sane. Which is when words to describe observations come to me, but I'm not so sure if those are more welcome.

Well, it's fine. -lol- At the very least, I'm getting better at speed-drawing.
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So, I have this unhealthy thing for timetravel fic. It's really rather ridiculous. It has come to the point that I look at the KH fandom and wonder: what if.

The canon actually resists this particular story type, which made it even more endearing. (crap.) And now I have a fic premise, but it works on a pick-your-own-story bits, so I ask for people to guide this poor writer along.

In which DiZ's machine didn't quite work right, and Riku wakes up in the past and does his best to avoid changing anything (as it all worked out in the end.)

Only, a few worlds away, DiZ thought he was finally given the chance at redemption.

To play, please reply with the following:
1) Pick one of these choices:
The Sword
The Shield
The Staff

2) What will you give up?

3) Is it morning, noon or evening?
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I am now officially one year older. Wish me luck today.

My laptop

Jan. 30th, 2011 09:07 pm
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is seriously awesome. It may be pink, it may be tiny and floral but it can handle multiple hi-res, print-ready documents in illustrator, photoshop and indesign at the same time while I'm playing music, looking at pdfs and have bajillion tabs open in google chrome, the memory-sapping tabs.

I'm never replacing you, Joshua. Never.

Aka It's a couple of weeks more until finals and graduation (if I'm lucky). Thesis exhibit starts tomorrow. I'm hoping to finish preparations and stuff by then. Hopefully. Wish me luck.

*goes to get buried again*
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from a three-day farming trip.

God, I'm such a city girl. Also, I cannot feel my limbs anymore. And I can't get up from my chair. FML.
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I'M HOME. Since yesterday, in fact.

I just need someone to remind me to type up my trip report and... catch up with [ profile] monomochi.
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Being Trip Day 3/6.

I have yet to freeze, but it's a near thing. My social/online life is shot to hell. Sob. I miss you gaiz.

.... climbing the Great Wall tomorrow. I... want to cry. All the stairs!

Also, cannot draw. Fingers too frozen to do anything fine. Ffuuu.

.... also, asdf;laksjdfl;sdkf D: my lj subscription died. argh!


Dec. 17th, 2010 12:07 pm
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Travel agent forgot about our visa.

Our flight was at 7.

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Um. Late, but Christmas card post? Who wants me to send them something?

If you do, please reply to this post with your name and address. Comments are screened. If you want to send me one back, just ask for my address?

/backs out
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UP AME convention today. It was many levels of meh. Tired. Very tired. Too tired to sleep. Pictures are with Meru, the rest on my phone. Will put it up tomorrow, maybe. Also, need to contact Roch sometime. Sometime. Sometime. I missed her today.

Will need to pace myself for school stuffs, thesis and Karma. Two more chapters.

Also bought diapers for my dog. She's funny to look at, really.

Art stuffs: I repeat, all art and drawings will be posted on [ profile] monomochi instead of here. Posting will begin again on Monday.

School will also begin on Monday. I will spend tomorrow sleeping when I'm not dragged off to do other stuffs. Will also be getting a new cellphone finally. It's hot pink. I can't wait. *w*
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Today, we were to go karaoke-ing, me and Hibi and 'Ru.

Got distracted by yummy at Little Tokyo. We don't regret it.

We will attempt another excursion in the future. I'm sure we won't be distracted by Irish pub Chinese restaurant Italian restaurant then.


Oct. 23rd, 2010 11:32 pm
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*crawls under a rock to scream under it*
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I want to go out for karaoke and belt out cheesy cheesy songs. Problem is that I'm sick I don't know anyone who's willing to go with me for an hour or so of endless crack.

Just some time without care when it came to technique or even hitting the right notes. Lunch out with friends on Friday if I'm well enough, but they're not the karaoke type of people. Which is a lie, since they're all rock band addicts. They take singing too seriously. B|

I also need more human contact. The lack of it is making me grouchy, grumpy and altogether not fit for human contact. Oh the irony and self-actualization loop.

Doujin cramming should have started yesterday. Should. Still not panicking.


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