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I want to go out for karaoke and belt out cheesy cheesy songs. Problem is that I'm sick I don't know anyone who's willing to go with me for an hour or so of endless crack.

Just some time without care when it came to technique or even hitting the right notes. Lunch out with friends on Friday if I'm well enough, but they're not the karaoke type of people. Which is a lie, since they're all rock band addicts. They take singing too seriously. B|

I also need more human contact. The lack of it is making me grouchy, grumpy and altogether not fit for human contact. Oh the irony and self-actualization loop.

Doujin cramming should have started yesterday. Should. Still not panicking.
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Still sick. Hopefully, it's going away. Really. I promise, I didn't eat sweet things today. Officially on sem break now, holding my breath for the return of grades.

Anime/fandom rebound is still there:
Soukyuu no Fafner anime novel movie
Saiunkoku Monogatari anime novel
Yami no Matsuei anime manga
Gundam SEED anime
please please dvds remain lost PLEASE
I draw the line here
Harry Potter
I wonder if I can finally read book 6
Chronicles of Chrestomanci

Also, Fushigi Yuugi op theme has been ringing in my head for a while. Not A Good Sign.

Also, screwed up a lot today. What to do....

Also, dropped out of [ profile] soul_campaign. People there are so nice.

For serious, they should really improve on the PAG-ASA weather instruments. You'd think that with our unfortunate position on the, y'know, typhoon belt, for always, they'd prioritize funding that and research on infrastructure and development that will lower the casualty rate.

But of course, since we only remember this during the rainy season... which is no excuse, seeing as we only have two seasons. YOU PLUG THE HOLES IN YOUR ROOF WHEN IT'S SUNNY, NOT WHEN IT'S RAINING.


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