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Life update, since... I rarely update about my life. Hohum~

School's finally started on this corner of the world, and overall, the situation this week alone is very, very bad. Morning classes are all fine and good, but the problem is the heat while you walk to your classes/have your classes. I've never sweated this much during school days, especially not when I don't have PE. While evenings are cool because of the rain, it only makes it harder during the day when you end up being extra-hot and taking a sweat bath. It takes all your energy just moving around in school, and when you get home to read homework and stuff, you just... pass out. Not fun at all.

Classes are good. Mine are pretty spread out though, which is pretty bad only because of the temperature. Otherwise, it's pretty good. My philosophy teacher's awesome and quirky enough to keep my attention even though 3-4:30 is like, a death sentence. Theology sounds pretty good too, except for the whole 35% two major papers, 35% individual student project and 30% final oral exam ratio. No quizzes, no attendance, no recitation to pull up any terrible grades. Um. 8< History's good too, though hearing about Americans neutrally after last semester's Arcilla worship of Spain is just so surreal. I've yet to meet my information architecture teacher, though. Not until Saturday, anyway. And... it seems like I've gotten rep for sitting in on a lot of classes. Which is... pretty true. *cough* Which reminds me: sit in on the Chinese painting class on Tuesday.

Thesis year. My advisor is Sir Or, which is just many levels of awesome and terror. (Well, better him than Parker. /shot) I've run my thesis idea through him last semester, though I'm not sure if he'll approve it now. I'll find out tomorrow night.

It's yet to sink in that I'm finally a senior. On the flipside: LOL FRESHMEN. I forgot that they kept walking around in their block sections (until around middle of first sem, anyway). Aaaaand they have the tendency to block walkways. Out of nowhere.

Good news is that we can still manage board game days. It's either MWF or just W, but I honestly don't mind. <3 I missed my friends.

Meanwhile, update on my fandom life. I... haven't been drawing as much as I'd like to, which is disappointing, but what I do draw has largely been either RP or trends. It may also mean that I have a revised set of fandoms and changed around a little due to preference. Things I'm into/will draw for/might write for/will RP: KH, TWEWY, Evangelion, FF7. Things I do follow/watch on the side would be: 07-Ghost, Bakuman, Xiaolin Showdown, Saijou no Meii. Things I wouldn't mind watching/rewatching would be YGO, DRRR, Gurren Lagann and Pandora Hearts. Other things I would draw: Strade and La Partita. Been toying with the idea of playing around with my other originals, though. /random

That's it, I guess?


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