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UP AME convention today. It was many levels of meh. Tired. Very tired. Too tired to sleep. Pictures are with Meru, the rest on my phone. Will put it up tomorrow, maybe. Also, need to contact Roch sometime. Sometime. Sometime. I missed her today.

Will need to pace myself for school stuffs, thesis and Karma. Two more chapters.

Also bought diapers for my dog. She's funny to look at, really.

Art stuffs: I repeat, all art and drawings will be posted on [ profile] monomochi instead of here. Posting will begin again on Monday.

School will also begin on Monday. I will spend tomorrow sleeping when I'm not dragged off to do other stuffs. Will also be getting a new cellphone finally. It's hot pink. I can't wait. *w*
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Strade reROUTE status: completed it as of yesterday, printed it today. Yay.

We're selling this at Lights Out Yaoi Convention tomorrow. After that, no more cons until... sometime. Lol. Probably not until Komikon. Will have to start planning out La Partita in full soon.

I'll have to study Joomla on Sunday for when I return to AIC on Monday. Kind of not looking forward to it, but what can we do. *laughs* I know I'll be grateful I learned it, when it's all done.

I really do hope I get to draw soon. I feel out of practice...

Also, I always end up playing DJ Max Technika whenever I'm with Meru. Ugh.
[POP] Sweet Shining Shooting Star - CLEAR, was not a fluke, apparently.
[POP] Coastal Tempo - CLEAR, first time
[TEC] Come to Me (First Step) - CLEAR, first time!!! Will need to work on the two hands bit.
[TEC] I Want You - FFFFF


Apr. 19th, 2010 07:50 pm
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DJ Max Technika
-- [POP] Coastal Tempo // FAILED: 1st attempt today. Will practice in some very discreet place until I get it.
-- [POP] STOP // CLEARED: 1st attempt today. Tried two times before I cleared it.
-- [POP] Son of Sun // CLEARED: ??th attempt today. Failed once before I cleared it. Not a fluke! I passed it twice. *glee*
-- [TEC] Honeymoon // FFFFF: Still can't do it. FFFFF.
As of right now, I have 62% points more to go before I rank up again. I'll have to work on a lot more songs I'm unfamiliar with.

Lights Out Yaoi Con
-- Name completed and passed on to Meru today
-- Will receive pencils tomorrow afternoon, start inking
-- Give inked+scanned+typesetted pages to Meru on Wednesday for toning
-- Receive files for layouting on Thursday.
-- Print on Friday

Starting compilation stuffs for La Partita and completion of main story base+script.

Also, today, watched Bad Ass with people. It should really have been called Hit-Girl. Pretty good, but not really all that amazing.


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