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Fandoms Involved
Evangelion: 4
Fafner: 3
Kingdom Hearts: 2
Vocaloid: 1
Yu-Gi-Oh (5Ds): 1
Original: 4 (2 La Partita, 2 Last Resort)

Image dump as promised~ )
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Right, so, Meru totally lent me her PS3 for like, two weeks but I'll only get to play with it for like, one week since I'll be going to HK from 7-11. Awesome dates, I know. She let me off this week's weekly drawing thing in lieu of speed-gaming, but I still have to post for last weeks' stuff.

It isn't much, considering how slow I am at drawing. )


Also, this thing? Always makes my brain go kablooey trying to imagine how and why this happened:

Art dump

Mar. 2nd, 2010 05:30 pm
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Looking at [ profile] charmwitch's and [ profile] numi_nami's art updates make me feel jealous, so I got motivated to put up my sketches. I can't put up my illust class plates since my portfolio isn't with me, so I'll have to scan those again next week, when I get them back.

Right. Um. Mix of fanworks and some smattering of OCs here. Also repeat of some of my tweeted stuffs and maybe a few of the ones I posted on dA. But in a nutshell:

Final Fantasy: (7) Sephiroth, Zack, Angeal (3) Luneth, Refia, Arc
KH: All???
KHR: Vongole Primo
TWEWY: Neku, Shiki, Joshua, Rhyme, Beat, Mr. Mew
OC: (Karma) Adrian/ne, Greg (Pandora Renege) Irra, Kauren, Pearl (Last Resort) Character sheet, Reni, Soreen (?) Character design hw, lotus girl (Ceri's) Cadmium

I forgot to put in the thumbs and sketch for KHR group pic, tho.

I wonder if this kills internets... )


Jan. 25th, 2010 06:21 pm
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Philosophy orals tomorrow morning. I'll be cutting the first few minutes of my history class for it, but it's the only reasonable time (9am... how is that reasonable?) I mean, available. I don't think I'm all that prepared, but I do need the grade, otherwise I faiiiil.

Or not. Still have WLTs and Finals. But still.

Also getting my ass drop-kicked by school. I'm feeling anti-social already. Hiatus'ed in Scorched, I think I might take some time to get a better grip on my characters.

And, y'know, drop one. Souji won't be dropped, definitely, since he's got this thing not-going with Oruha and the police people. I can't decide between Riku and Aerith.

I also loathe my dad's stereo that blasts music that gives me a headache, and the fact that my internet's just plain crappy. Especially when I need it for acads.

I'm a little close to screaming, but that might just be because of stress. I was never really good with it.

Anyway, illustrated color wheel version idknemoar )

Also, tell me again why I don't draw and post more? Or hell, write? D:


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