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Still sick. Hopefully, it's going away. Really. I promise, I didn't eat sweet things today. Officially on sem break now, holding my breath for the return of grades.

Anime/fandom rebound is still there:
Soukyuu no Fafner anime novel movie
Saiunkoku Monogatari anime novel
Yami no Matsuei anime manga
Gundam SEED anime
please please dvds remain lost PLEASE
I draw the line here
Harry Potter
I wonder if I can finally read book 6
Chronicles of Chrestomanci

Also, Fushigi Yuugi op theme has been ringing in my head for a while. Not A Good Sign.

Also, screwed up a lot today. What to do....

Also, dropped out of [ profile] soul_campaign. People there are so nice.

For serious, they should really improve on the PAG-ASA weather instruments. You'd think that with our unfortunate position on the, y'know, typhoon belt, for always, they'd prioritize funding that and research on infrastructure and development that will lower the casualty rate.

But of course, since we only remember this during the rainy season... which is no excuse, seeing as we only have two seasons. YOU PLUG THE HOLES IN YOUR ROOF WHEN IT'S SUNNY, NOT WHEN IT'S RAINING.
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So I find that when it comes to fandoms, it's difficult for me to get into a new one. In fact, it works like a boomerang. It goes, and then it comes back. Hard.

I'm waiting for an old fandom to hit me hard. Again.

On a more serious note: exam week. Exam week. I have no words to start...

And another: fuck this, I caught a cold. Watery eyes, the urge to curl up in a corner, runny nose and thankfully, the cough hasn't progressed to I want to die let me die can't breathe.

Meanwhile: my phone's dead.

Upside: I'm starting to feel proud of my artwork. Surprise!
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Posting on this personal journal to say that I drew some more stuffs and I'm lowering my chances of posting ever again on this one. o>

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Fandoms Involved
Moogle, chocobo, marlboro: 1
Kingdom Hearts: 5 (no spoilers)
Merlin: Surprise!Arthur 1
Original: 4 (2 La Partita, 2 Last Resort)

Most of this is pchat with meru - beware the crack )

My scanner won't scan. If there are repeats, shoot me.
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Fandoms Involved
Evangelion: 4
Fafner: 3
Kingdom Hearts: 2
Vocaloid: 1
Yu-Gi-Oh (5Ds): 1
Original: 4 (2 La Partita, 2 Last Resort)

Image dump as promised~ )


Jul. 19th, 2010 11:54 pm
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So. TWEWY revival project. Thought I would participate, churn out a couple pages on the side, considering that, y'know, busy with school and life and RPing. Sure, a couple dozen, yeah. )

... god, my thesis.
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Life update, since... I rarely update about my life. Hohum~

School's finally started on this corner of the world, and overall, the situation this week alone is very, very bad. Morning classes are all fine and good, but the problem is the heat while you walk to your classes/have your classes. I've never sweated this much during school days, especially not when I don't have PE. While evenings are cool because of the rain, it only makes it harder during the day when you end up being extra-hot and taking a sweat bath. It takes all your energy just moving around in school, and when you get home to read homework and stuff, you just... pass out. Not fun at all.

Classes are good. Mine are pretty spread out though, which is pretty bad only because of the temperature. Otherwise, it's pretty good. My philosophy teacher's awesome and quirky enough to keep my attention even though 3-4:30 is like, a death sentence. Theology sounds pretty good too, except for the whole 35% two major papers, 35% individual student project and 30% final oral exam ratio. No quizzes, no attendance, no recitation to pull up any terrible grades. Um. 8< History's good too, though hearing about Americans neutrally after last semester's Arcilla worship of Spain is just so surreal. I've yet to meet my information architecture teacher, though. Not until Saturday, anyway. And... it seems like I've gotten rep for sitting in on a lot of classes. Which is... pretty true. *cough* Which reminds me: sit in on the Chinese painting class on Tuesday.

Thesis year. My advisor is Sir Or, which is just many levels of awesome and terror. (Well, better him than Parker. /shot) I've run my thesis idea through him last semester, though I'm not sure if he'll approve it now. I'll find out tomorrow night.

It's yet to sink in that I'm finally a senior. On the flipside: LOL FRESHMEN. I forgot that they kept walking around in their block sections (until around middle of first sem, anyway). Aaaaand they have the tendency to block walkways. Out of nowhere.

Good news is that we can still manage board game days. It's either MWF or just W, but I honestly don't mind. <3 I missed my friends.

Meanwhile, update on my fandom life. I... haven't been drawing as much as I'd like to, which is disappointing, but what I do draw has largely been either RP or trends. It may also mean that I have a revised set of fandoms and changed around a little due to preference. Things I'm into/will draw for/might write for/will RP: KH, TWEWY, Evangelion, FF7. Things I do follow/watch on the side would be: 07-Ghost, Bakuman, Xiaolin Showdown, Saijou no Meii. Things I wouldn't mind watching/rewatching would be YGO, DRRR, Gurren Lagann and Pandora Hearts. Other things I would draw: Strade and La Partita. Been toying with the idea of playing around with my other originals, though. /random

That's it, I guess?
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1) This does not exist.

2) I couldn't go on hiatus. See: My inbox is empty anyway.

3) Trying to continue FF4 is futile. I forgot what I was supposed to do. Too lazy to continue FF12 (forgot what I was supposed to do) and too lazy to start P3 (I need to make a chart. :/)

4) I've yet to put up icons for Kaworu journal. I. can't. decide. Also, wtf chapter 19?!!??!! <33333

5) DJ Max Technika
As of... some time now.
[POP] Sweet Shining Shooting Star - average: C
[TEC] I Want You - clear: D
[TEC] First Step - CLEAR

Popular ranking: 724
Technical ranking:990

Must work harder!
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▮ Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper on their LiveJournal.
▮ Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
▮ Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on!

It might have something to do with my wallpaper lol )

Also, I have been drawing! ... just... they're drawings inspired by RP. /shot. Idk if I have the guts to post them here.
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Next time, I'll be getting the medium sized apple juice instead. Urgh... now it's all mixing with the buko shake. Eurgh.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
Game cleared. A clear game, it almost was. Eng release date is on the 7th of September. Really hoping that it won't be too late, though. Looking forward to play this with friends!

Will also be doing a KH doujin (serious/gag/mixed bag). Tentative release date is November, but at least by then there's a grace period. No one will flame us for spoiling the game.

New internet provider. No longer will I suffer through disconnections and the endless battles with my father! Now we will argue about who sucks on the net. Lol. Well, they say they'll install it tomorrow or the day after, but any improvement = YAY.

Thesis year is coming up. I'm torn between excitement and nervousness, because after that is working. Also, thesis. All I know of it is that people don't get to sleep at all, so starting soon, I'll be sleeping at 12 and waking up at 10 am. And I will increase this time until class starts.
^what is this, some sort of daydream?
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Kingdom Hearts: Ventus Story -cleared-

ffffffffff. TAT


May. 3rd, 2010 10:39 pm
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Switching back to weekly. This is painful.
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Self, you will do a finished artwork every day starting today.
Oh, what a lie. Lolol.
-> Will probably do two artworks today to make up for it. Probably RikuxSora. I'm feeling the great need for it.

Today is cleaning-my-tables day! Gdmnit, I have way too many tables. And I can't reach my bookshelf of shit to return the stuff.
  • Cannot reach bookshelf of shit because we started to haul a lot of my grandpa's stuffs into the house and... blocked the path to my bookshelf of shit.
  • Those are a lot of paintings.
  • I... now have three? Two easels. One's "small", the other is "big" and give or take is around 24".
  • I now have a surplus of inks, paints, drawing paper (all yellowed, so for sketching?) and watercolor basins. Which means I have basins to mix paint in. I... think I might faint. Also, old brushes.
  • I now don't feel guilty that I fail at CG. Just... too many paints! D: Also, will have to learn how to use technical pens. D: The inks I have aren't for painting/calligraphy. ;A;
  • Gdmnit, grandpa, don't give away your technical pens. They're expensive! How on earth am I going to use your inks now?
  • My mom took my box of FG stuffs. Meru, our books/stuffs now take up a box. I have no idea what to do with it now that MY MOM TOOK OUR BOX. I wonder if I can put it in the cabinet upstairs...
  • I think I saw a lizard in the pile of shit on my table.
  • I have yet to fix the contents of my tables' drawers.
  • Dear mom, stop taking all of my, y'know, BOXES. Stop calling me in for disorganization when you disorganize the organized shit.
  • Got a call from the pc repairs people. The processor and motherboard is broken -again- and has to be replaced. Again. For the third time. Switching from ASUS to HP now. Gdmnit, ASUS. Also, we're starting an HP trend. Mom's laptop is HP, my laptop is HP.
  • Fuck you, final boss of Terra's story in BbS.
  • I need... more than boxes for my games now. I wonder if I can just take up a shelf in the living room. MOM STOP TAKING THE BOXES FOR MY PS2 GAMES. FFFF
  • I now have rp accounts for Mickey Mouse and 5 year old!Riku. I feel like a pedooooo.


May. 1st, 2010 08:38 pm
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I'm upping the ante. Self, you will do a finished artwork every day starting today. That means colors/inks/pencil drawings with toning.


Today's drawing, since I can't use my scanner since my computer's still getting fixed. Taken with my laptop's webcam. ^^ Will post a better version when the pc gets back.
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Pissy pissy pissy.
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Strade reROUTE status: completed it as of yesterday, printed it today. Yay.

We're selling this at Lights Out Yaoi Convention tomorrow. After that, no more cons until... sometime. Lol. Probably not until Komikon. Will have to start planning out La Partita in full soon.

I'll have to study Joomla on Sunday for when I return to AIC on Monday. Kind of not looking forward to it, but what can we do. *laughs* I know I'll be grateful I learned it, when it's all done.

I really do hope I get to draw soon. I feel out of practice...

Also, I always end up playing DJ Max Technika whenever I'm with Meru. Ugh.
[POP] Sweet Shining Shooting Star - CLEAR, was not a fluke, apparently.
[POP] Coastal Tempo - CLEAR, first time
[TEC] Come to Me (First Step) - CLEAR, first time!!! Will need to work on the two hands bit.
[TEC] I Want You - FFFFF


Apr. 19th, 2010 07:50 pm
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DJ Max Technika
-- [POP] Coastal Tempo // FAILED: 1st attempt today. Will practice in some very discreet place until I get it.
-- [POP] STOP // CLEARED: 1st attempt today. Tried two times before I cleared it.
-- [POP] Son of Sun // CLEARED: ??th attempt today. Failed once before I cleared it. Not a fluke! I passed it twice. *glee*
-- [TEC] Honeymoon // FFFFF: Still can't do it. FFFFF.
As of right now, I have 62% points more to go before I rank up again. I'll have to work on a lot more songs I'm unfamiliar with.

Lights Out Yaoi Con
-- Name completed and passed on to Meru today
-- Will receive pencils tomorrow afternoon, start inking
-- Give inked+scanned+typesetted pages to Meru on Wednesday for toning
-- Receive files for layouting on Thursday.
-- Print on Friday

Starting compilation stuffs for La Partita and completion of main story base+script.

Also, today, watched Bad Ass with people. It should really have been called Hit-Girl. Pretty good, but not really all that amazing.
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I made two artworks this week. Er. Crossdressing.

lalala )

*works on Strade:RERoute*
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  1. AIC stuffs
  3. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO strade or la partita strade or la partita sob

I'm going a little nuts tonight. lalalalala
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I'm home~ Trip update will come a bit later. Seems a little busy at home, though. Piiish. Will have to update self on flist later too.

Komikon this Saturday and LO the Saturday after, so it's rather hectic too. Lol. Must not give into the pressure. Will update properly later!