May. 22nd, 2011

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It's... been a while, so I thought I should just post something here before the journal dies. *lol*

First of all firsts, I finished my schooling (yay!) which I might have talked about a while back but might have forgotten. But tensions were rising at home because 1) I was starting to bum around and 2) because me and my parents at any prolonged period of time together is just like... no. (lol) So with a lot of tears of frustration, boredom and headbanging on the walls due to sheer proximity (we love each other, we really, really do. it's just. arghhhh.)


I have my first job. Which is like, awesome. It involves a lot of writing, more headdesking, but at least I'm not cooped up at home or sweltering in the summer heat. It does, however, kill my weekday life (which... is like, bumming.) It's difficult to tag (I've returned to [ profile] soul_campaign) unless it's the weekend, since I just end up crashing at home. It takes around 9-12 hours per day. Drawing is generally limited until I get home or it's the weekend - but digital is kinda out.

I have, however, become more prolific at traditional art (found at my dA) but I've also branched out a little into doing song covers. It's frustratingly moe, but I'd like to think I might be okay at it. Meru's been supplying me with the artwork, though, in return for all the ear bleeding lulz recordings.

What else. Um. Recently, I've been watching Tiger & Bunny, Ao no Exorcist aaaand... Pokemon: Best Wishes (don't hurt me.) Lol. I think Tiger & Bunny is hilarious, Ao no Exorcist has really, really sexy music and animation and BW is interesting. It's surprisingly fun to watch, despite the inconsistencies, but mostly because OMG PRODUCTION VALUES. I think it's a nice break from the last two, three seasons filled with Panty and Stocking Madoka Star Driver uh.

Been playing Okamiden, though I'm taking FOREVER with it. But I really really think that it's cute, with rounded characters and stays true to the original. I wonder how the ending goes...


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